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TTT Rules Empty TTT Rules

Post  John Elam on Sun Oct 09, 2011 8:21 pm

1. Dont RDM. RDMing is killing somone without proof that they are the traitor.
2.No spamming. This includes mic and text.
3.You can Only claim a room after Haste mode, once a room is claimed, with a decent explaination you can kill anyone other than detectives that enter.
4.Admins word is final.
5. You cannot force anyone to take a traitor test. You cannot kill for somone denying a traitor test.
6.Don't waste peoples time as traitor.
7.No ghosting
8.Do not kill Afk's Unless Traitor
9.Do not exploit or glitch
10.Don't Propkill
11.If your mic Rapes peoples ears you will be muted ( Underage use of mics )
12.Do not team kill
13.Respect all players
14. Do not give away team mates as a T.
15. If you are revived by a detective, you can only give out the identity of the person that killed you. You cannot give away your team if you were T. You cannot tell people what you saw when you were dead.

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